Your business in times of crisis: our tips and best practices

The scale and unpredictable progress of the COVID-19 outbreak – along with the economic impact of the measures put in place to contain it – are new to us all and are proving far more pervasive than we ever expected. This crisis raises questions that even established brands and seasoned advertisers find hard to answer:


      • How should we respond to the crisis in our particular vertical?

      • How can we counter the economic impact on our business?

      • How do we adapt our marketing and advertising strategies?

      • How do we adapt our messaging and creative output?

    Although these answers differ for every brand and vertical, it comes down to one thing: being as relevant and helpful as possible for your customers while responding quickly to their changing needs. Whether demand for your products or services is booming, has ground to a halt, or is somewhere in between, you’ll need to match your response to your customers’ new behaviour and the uncertainties they are experiencing.

    In our upcoming series of blog posts, we’ll be exploring best practice tactics to help your business navigate this crisis. We know that it is draining keeping up with the information regarding coronavirus, various exit-strategies and the best way for your business to respond, especially as the impact differs greatly depending on the vertical and country in which you’re operating. For every different marketing channel there are also a variety of approaches you can take to deal with the crisis and the imminent lockdown lift. It is up to you to work out which ones will work best for you and your customers.

    With this in mind, we have curated the best expert advice and helpful tips we could find and combined these with the knowledge we have gleaned establishing best practices to help our clients battle this crisis and the imminent lift of the lockdown. Our aim is to provide you with valuable insights into how you can adapt your digital marketing and logistics during the crisis.

    We’ll also be examining ways in which you can prepare your business for ‘the new normal’ in a post-coronavirus world. As you can read in an interview with our CEO Wim Decraene, the future doesn’t necessarily look bleak for businesses that are willing to focus on operating omnichannel and adopting new, outside-of-the box strategies to benefit their customers.