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Improve and upscale RSCA’s ecommerce operations.

Belgian football club RSC Anderlecht wanted a fresher way of working on their ecommerce fanshop. RSCA needed to improve and upscale their ecommerce operations, ecommerce software, order processing, and marketing strategy. The current website servers were unable to handle increased traffic during peak moments like product launches, resulting in order processing delays and missed sales.

It was time for the current RSCA webshop to be upgraded, not only with a fresh, modern look, but also to create a fully functional site capable of driving increased sales on the website and via social media.

RSCA client case



naYan took over RSCA’s ecommerce and marketing platforms. Utilising the Shopware platform, naYan upscaled the RSCA website to improve the working of day-to-day ecommerce operations and order processing. The entire order processing flow was optimised to eliminate delays in order fulfilment. Social media was incorporated into a complete marketing strategy.

Critically, naYan conducted multiple server tests and determined that it was time for an upgrade. With the new upgraded servers, the website runs smoothly even during peak demand, such as product launches. Orders are processed at a very fast speed, including handling personalisation services without missing a beat.

The website and server upgrades ensure that every RSC Anderlecht supporter can get their personalised shirt in time for match day.



The naYan partnership has helped RSCA to grow not only as a company, but also as a brand. The complete upgrade to ecommerce platforms, servers, digital marketing, and consulting has resulted in an overall increase of sales by 13%. In less than four months’ time, paid search revenue increased by 290%.

naYan and RSCA have a transparent relationship so that all parties are always up to date with the nuances and movements of both daily and long term operations.


  • Server upscaling and upgrading
  • Shopware optimisation
  • Shopware logistical workflow
  • Shopware new version upgrades

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