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In 2009, Samsonite outsourced its ecommerce offerings as previous in-house ecommerce solutions did not meet expectations and goals.

After a competitive process, Samsonite chose us to provide its complete European ecommerce services. This decision was based on our exceptional speed-to-market and successful record of providing online retail solutions for well-known brands.

The challenge was to develop an engaging ecommerce shopping experience uniquely designed for Samsonite’s customers.

naYan client case samsonite



The new Samsonite websites were deployed to support Samsonite’s online needs and were tailored to support unique features.

Our content team generated effective sales copy and high-quality images :

  • Beautiful zoom photos showcase the aesthetics and technical details of Samsonite’s suitcases.
  • Technical details drive the decision process of Samsonite consumers. We devised a new technique to display product specifications in an inviting and clear manner, allowing for easy cross-site comparisons.
  • Additional online tools were created to assist clients in product research and facilitate offline or online buying.

Every day, Samsonite’s sales and marketing teams work closely with us. A strong online presence and customer loyalty are our primary goals. The user experience is constantly evaluated and improved to meet the exacting demands of Samsonite consumers and drive high conversion results across 14 European countries.

samsonite client case naYan



  1. Ecommerce conversion rates have doubled for almost all countries.
  2. Yearly revenue growth rates of Samsonite’s online sales are well above industry averages.
  3. Engagement of consumers with site content such as photos and the comparison functionality is very high.
  4. Customers routinely send in positive reviews of the online experience.
samsonite client case naYan