Case study

KitchenAid on Marketplaces



In 2020 Kitchenaid was looking for new ways to reach new and loyal customers who could not purchase offline due to the pandemic.

Marketplaces, specifically Amazon, came onto the radar. The challenge, however, was to find the right balance between onboarding Amazon while upholding KitchenAid’s brand identity and strategy, all without cannibalizing the existing business. 

KitchenAid client case



naYan, as omnichannel partner, helped onboard the brand onto Amazon and other marketplaces across Europe, with a curated selection of KitchenAid products.

This untapped channel quickly created additional revenue and helped reach new consumers across European markets. And this without cannibalizing the existing retail business.



Two years later, the marketplace channel has become an important part of KitchenAid’s ecommerce strategy. 

We bring the brand KitchenAid on Marketplaces all over Europe on platforms such as Amazon,, and many more. 

In 2023 we will register +50% growth in gross revenue, with healthy margins, and a growing product catalogue.

KitchenAid on marketplaces
KitchenAid client case

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