Case study

Nestlé Market



An Employee Benefits Program

Nestlé was looking for a way to expand its employee benefits program. naYan was asked to build a new website on which Nestlé employees could place an order for Nestlé products. Purchases were to be rewarded with loyalty points, and the platform needed to allow Nestlé to grant its employees vouchers for certain occasions. 

Nestlé also wanted to offer two different delivery methods: home delivery and pickup at the office. In addition, employees were to be given the opportunity to make impulse purchases at the office.

Nestlé used to take care of its own employee shop, but decided to outsource the program to naYan in order to run it more efficiently, get more control over the finance and stock flows, and thus be able to optimise the budget. Additionally, Nestlé wanted assistance finding a feasible solution for impulse purchases at the office.

nestle market



In order to meet Nestlé’s expectations for an efficient platform and order flow, several actions were taken.


  • naYan developed a web platform that enables employees to order Nestlé products and have them delivered to the office or at home. At the same time, a complete inventory and order-to-cash setup was developed.
  • naYan enabled PWA technology to allow employees to use the website both as a web page and mobile app on any device. The app has a built-in scanner which can scan barcodes in the store and recognize products based on their traditional EAN code.
  • All platforms within the ecosystem are GDPR-compliant and in accordance with Nestlé requirements.

Fulfilment Challenge & Sustainability

  • The website offers three delivery methods: home delivery, shop in-store, and pickup at the office, for which we use robust, reusable crates.
  • A dynamic shipping cost surcharge application has been developed to take into account the total weight of the shipment and apply extra shipping costs accordingly.
  • naYan provided space in its warehouse, which is capable of storing both non-food products and packaged food.


  • One standardised financial flow is used to process all types of transactions.
  • Full finance support is provided through generating invoices, issuing refunds, collecting cash, and supplying information for the VAT declaration.

Customer Service

  • naYan provides full customer service, helping Nestlé employees with all questions related to the placement and fulfilment of their orders.



Outsourcing the employee store to naYan gave Nestlé the opportunity to concentrate on creating new benefits for its employees, knowing that naYan takes care of the rest. 

Since there is full transparency and extensive reporting with regard to stock management, sales, and cash flow, Nestlé is confident that its employees are getting the best possible solution for buying company and partner products. 

The employees benefit from the new platform, as naYan’s smooth operational flows ensure the orders get delivered as quickly as possible.


  • Adyen
  • Barcodes and QR codes scanner integrated with SalesForce
  • Loyalty solution (Yotpo)
  • naYan OMS Cloud
  • Order transit follow-up (Aftership)
  • PWA integration with Salesforce
  • Salesforce Commerce Cloud
  • Salesforce Service Cloud
  • Transactional email provider (Mailgun)

Growth opportunities

Nestlé will be working on new benefits for its employees. The goal is to expand the loyalty program further, for example by offering new vouchers. The platform could eventually be used to serve employees all over the EU, not just those in Brussels. Nestlé is also considering POS terminals to use in the boutique, so that employees can choose between paying with a card or online.

nestle market