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An exceptional brand like TUMI calls for an exceptional customer experience, at all times.

Customers and prospects alike must have an unrivalled experience. The staff in the stores and customer care back-office staff in various locations needed tools to be able to work together seamlessly. Those tools also had to respect and meet GDPR requirements.

TUMI was looking for a way to keep track of its customer (and prospects) database. naYan was asked to set up a central CRM repository to which all types of purchases could be linked: in-store, online, D2C, and via a wholesale partner.

Customers could then purchase both online and offline, but all the orders would be visible in the same system, allowing TUMI better insight into who its customers are. 

A CDP was to be set up to allow better activation and personalisation for all prospects and clients alike. Oracle’s Xstore Retail POS had to be incorporated into the Salesforce Core (and CDP) as well.

Tumi CRM



naYan built a transactional, central CRM repository for all TUMI’s clients, which was launched in 2018.

It gives staff access to all orders, regardless of whether these were done online, in-store, or via a wholesale partner. A CDP and Oracle’s Xstore Retail POS were merged into the Salesforce Core.

Commerce Cloud was updated to the most recent SFRA framework and got expanded tagging. Instead of using eMarsys, naYan and TUMI are now working with Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Marketing Cloud Personalisation, which activates multiple years of historical data.

All systems allow for a multi-brand and multi-country setup, so other countries can join immediately.

The development team and customer care team on naYan’s side and the store teams on TUMI’s side ensure the smooth day-to-day operational flow.



Both the entire TUMI and naYan team have a full view on all customer interactions, online and offline. There is full transparency between TUMI and naYan.

naYan provides extensive reporting for both ecomm and retail. naYan uses future-proof online activation and a retention program: because of CDP, it is easy to (re)activate customer accounts that have been inactive for a while, for example.

The entire setup is 100% geographically scaleable and can be used for multiple brands. All platforms within the ecosystem are GDPR-compliant and in accordance with TUMI requirements.


  • Google & Facebook Marketing Stack
  • naYan Middleware Cloud
  • Proximity Insight
  • Clienteling App
  • Salesforce CDP
  • Salesforce Commerce Cloud
  • Salesforce CRM
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud Personalisation
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud

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