Why am I losing the buy box on Amazon?

Everybody is talking about the “buy box”, recently renamed “featured offer”, when discussing Amazon’s performances. But what is the buy box on Amazon?

The buy box is the highlighted area in the Amazon’s product page directly linked to the “add to cart” and “buy now” button. 

If a consumer does not modify the list of sellers, the main (highest ranked) seller of a product will be the one who will most probably convert its listings into sales.

5 tips to increase your chance of securing the buy box

1. Content quality

Amazon’s algorithm will boost your listings when you optimize your productpages with: 

  • an appropriate title with SEO optimised search terms, 
  • 4 to 5 images and a video, 
  • 4 to 5 bullet points with detailed information about your products, 
  • A+ content.
buy box op amazon

2. Fulfilment

When selling on Amazon you must be sure to offer the best and fastest consumer experience. 

If your products are being delivered by Amazon (using Fulfilment By Amazon service) you’ll be included in the ‘Prime’ items selection. Using FBA could serve as an additional marketing asset, boosting your conversion rates.

3. Price

Securing the buy box or becoming the featured offer relies heavily on the competitive pricing you set for your products. Ensure your prices align with the market rates.

4. Customer reviews

Amazon is very customer centric. This means that positive reviews will have a huge effect on your listings. Monitoring the reviews and ensuring your clients’ needs are met will pave the way to securing 5-star ratings.

5. Inventory

Maintaining consistent inventory is crucial; running out of stock can cause a significant drop in the traffic you’ve worked hard to build.

Are you eager to confirm if your listings are set to win the buy box or become the featured offer? At naYan, we can assist you in evaluating and optimizing your product pages and offers as necessary.