Why am I losing the buy box on Amazon?

win amazon buy box

Everybody is talking about the “buy box”, recently renamed “featured offer”, when discussing Amazon’s performances. But what is the buy box on Amazon? The buy box is the highlighted area in the Amazon’s product page directly linked to the “add to cart” and “buy now” button.  If a consumer does not modify the list of […]

Amazon Belgium’s 1-Year Anniversary

Amazon Belgium

On Tuesday October 17th, the naYan marketplace team joined Amazon Belgium’s 1st Anniversary event in Brussels. One year after its launch, Amazon Belgium already sold five million products and includes over 1200 SME’s generating €200 million in export revenue. A huge opportunity for SME companies With € 14.7Bn total online turnover in Belgium in 2022 […]

3 Key Factors Defining The Marketplace Delivery Experience  

marketplace delivery experience

Marketplaces are booming in Europe. In just two years, marketplace revenue doubled, reaching €200 Billion in 2022 (1). This remarkable growth presents significant opportunities for retailers, but it can also be challenging to stand out from the competition in an increasingly crowded field.  Increasingly, it is the marketplace delivery experience that makes or breaks a […]

Tell your brand’s story: authenticity in the age of AI


There is no bigger story in 2023 than the rise of AI in ecommerce. From personalized shopping experiences to AI chatbots to content creation to demand forecasting, AI is predicted to radically transform the ecommerce landscape for both consumers and businesses.

Think your usual ecommerce practices will win the buy box on marketplaces? Think again.

buy box winnen

Once you’ve got your ecommerce brandsite growing and operating well, the natural next step is to look for opportunities to reach new customers. For many businesses, it may make sense to consider selling on a marketplace like Amazon, bol.com, Zalando or La Redoute. Marketplaces give your products a built-in audience, brands can enjoy the consumer […]

4 SEA best practices to implement right now

SEA best practices

Chances are high you have had to rethink your Paid Search Marketing strategy since Coronavirus. In this article, we highlight the most important tactics you will need to employ during this crisis.

When brands become retailers

brands becoming retailers

A retail apocalypse is happening with stores seemingly closing down everywhere. Nevertheless, a number of strong brands have been able to swim against the current by opening their own new sales channels. Brands that become retailers themselves: a survival strategy that works? Recently, Levi’s announced plans to open as many as 100 new stores in […]

CDP: The VIP client book for the digital age


Brick and mortal customer management Way back before the days of Internet shopping, I worked at an upscale retail store. Each associate kept a book with the VIP clients that she “owned” to track her best customers’ contact information, family members, style preferences, sizes, birthday, wish list, and even her store credit card number. When […]

How to build an omnichannel email marketing strategy

email marketing

Email has proved its worth as one of the most valuable channels to approach your customers. Its prime advantages are: In this article, we share our step-by-step guide to setting up your omnichannel email marketing strategy. 1. Start with the basics You can’t work on optimizing your email revenue and customer engagement without a solid […]