Case study

A nimble new website for TUMI



A nimble new website with expanded personalisation services.

In 2018, naYan built a transactional, central CRM repository for all TUMI’s clients, whether they shopped in-store, online, D2C, or via a wholesale partner. 

This allowed the development team and customer care team on naYan’s side and the store teams on TUMI’s side to ensure a smooth day-to-day operational flow and a seamless customer experience.

By 2023, TUMI was ready to take their D2C ecommerce website to the next level. They presented naYan with a new challenge: moving the back end of their website to the newest Salesforce Commerce Cloud SFRA architecture.

In addition, TUMI requested a complete revamp of the website design to match the style of the TUMI US website. While they wanted the look and feel of the US website, the TUMI site for Europe needed to have many additional features and functionalities.



Leveraging our experience building the Salesforce SFRA framework for the Samsonite Group, naYan was able to efficiently build the new back end TUMI needed. 

Salesforce Page Designer was successfully implemented to allow website pages to be dynamically built without a developer.

The desired new website features were implemented successfully. A new embroidery personalisation option was added to the existing embossing service to meet the demand for customisation.



The new TUMI website is live and looking great for all European countries. The site speed is sharp, even with the new personalisation services.

The SEO traffic on the new website is higher than before, which means it was a very successful launch with accurate optimisation.

Typically, SEO traffic drops temporarily when a new site is launched, but in this case not only was the existing traffic retained, new site visitors were immediately acquired.

Both TUMI and naYan are very satisfied with the results.


  • Salesforce Commerce Cloud
  • naYan Middleware Cloud
  • Salesforce CRM 
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • Contentsquare Digital Experience Analytics
  • Turn To Review Tool
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